Many leaders lack crucial people management skills

Further to the CIPD newsletter this week around 50% of UK HR professionals believe that senior business leaders don’t have the behaviours and skills needed to get the best from their people, according to our latest HR Outlook survey in association with Workday. The survey finds that technical, financial and operational competence is high, but many leaders are ineffective at performance management and people management.

So, what can HR professionals do to change this? View the survey infographic for a picture of key findings, and read the report to explore six, key insights which HR can act on to effect change.

The survey also shows that in many organisations, business leaders and managers aren’t being given access to HR data to inform business decisions. HR needs to share its workforce insight to enable managers to make evidence-based people decisions. Outside the HR function, do other employees in your organisation have access to HR data?

CIPD Newsletter – Wednesday 25 January 2017

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