Competition is high, employers are feeling the pressure of competing for the best talent out there… compromise, a considered and flexible job offer process and partnering with an experienced recruitment consultant is the key to navigating recruitment pitfalls. These 3 things will ensure a relatively pain free recruitment process, successfully achieved within a sensible time frame.

There is no doubt that the recruitment market has changed significantly in the last 12 months.  Professional guidance throughout the recruitment process is needed more than ever to avoid time wasting, expensive advertising mistakes and the one thing all our clients dread; losing that perfect candidate at the final hurdle – offer stage.

Clients are increasingly missing out on what they want and need because the recruitment process has broken down at some stage. Being complacent and assuming candidates only have one option or job offer on the table inevitably results in disappointment, disappointment that has cost a lot of invested time and money.

An experienced recruitment consultant who knows their specialist market will give you an insight into your competition and provide invaluable advice throughout the interview process and the critical offer procedure. Online job boards, paper advertising and cheap one off online recruitment fees have certainly had their place in recent years but in an increasingly booming market, skilled and well presented candidates in serious demand require a more sensible approach. Professional recruitment consultancy will ensure interviews run to schedule, new and talented candidates are neatly slotted into the processes as they join the market and critically offer processes are delicately managed.

Offer stage is the most critical part of the recruitment process. Time has been invested, the perfect person has been found, often having met the team and been presented to top tier management but  often clients start to relax once an offer has been made and they sit back and wait for acceptance. Negotiation and Counter offers are becoming more prevalent due to the demand placed on the most desirable candidates. Preparation and advice for this are invaluable. Ensuring the process does not collapse and everyone avoids being right back at the beginning of the process again (so often second choice candidates have pulled out or have been snapped up by the competition) saves time, money and a lot of personal frustration.

Employee retention and attraction are not solely about the annual take home figure, an offer is more complex to a candidate seeking to leave the security of their current role. Life balance and benefits play an overwhelmingly important role. As an employer, expect to be challenged throughout the offer process and questioned on how your role, offer, benefits and company culture compares to the competition. A good recruitment consultant will work with you in managing the responses to these challenges, providing a unique an insight into what prospective employees thought processes are and the details of what other offers they may have on the table.

A skilled consultant will ultimately guide you through the whole process, a process that is evolving and becoming more and more challenging in what is once again a booming market

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