By: Caterina Glenn

National Insurance – don’t forget the rise…

Subsequent to last year’s budget review the government announced an increase in National Insurance from April 2011. This is an increase of 1% and therefore an increase from 4th April will need to be accounted for by employers. Due to this increase if you currently have temporary staff working for you it is likely that your agency will be in touch to inform you of this increase and the additional cost.

National insurance is not the only thing that agencies are currently having to deal with. AWR (agency workers regulations) are currently under review by the Government and the REC are stressing the importance of temporary workers to companies and the roles that are created by companies needing additional support. There are many “potential” changes coming into effect from 1st October 2011 amongst which will be the need to show equal pay for temp workers, holiday entitlement may well increase dependant on your companies typical annual leave and a whole host of other things. Needless to say whilst some of these are here to ensure (and rightly so) that temps are not just a commodity but also getting the benefits that others are entitled to there are other aspects that could see potential ongoing issues for employers and agencies alike with regards to the employment of temporary/interim workers.

Anyone requiring clarification please feel free to contact the office and speak to one of our Temp Controller.