As 2013 approaches Howett Thorpe asks…. with the rise of online job boards, the success of key professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, trends of remote working and outsourcing overseas, what influence will all this have on traditional and more personal recruitment consultancy in 2013?

Successful businesses have always been willing to adopt the latest trends in technology in order to enhance employee recruitment and retention. Job seekers and employees manage almost every aspect of their professional life via technology and undoubtedly, the use of mobile technology and online products will continue to increase as major recruitment tools throughout 2013. Howett Thorpe has certainly embraced this with recent significant digital marketing campaign and website investment. Wise Tiger, marketing and communication experts comment;

 “Individual financial recruitment experts Howett Thorpe have increased their digital marketing investment to maximise online presence for clients with Search Engine Optimisation.

As a result of the global recession, more and more businesses are using Search Engine Optimization as the main focus of their marketing strategy, seeing a direct increase in ROI. Howett Thorpe’s key focus is to increase search performance for both clients and candidates online, reflecting the downward trend in traditional print advertising, for employers and prospective employees alike.” *

Other predictions for 2013 include the increase in remote work and outsourcing. Telecommuting used to be a rare privilege but now is seen to offer employees the flexibility required to compliment modern life whilst offering companies the ability to recruit and retain talented and in demand employees. Over recent years businesses have given significant rise to outsourcing and it is predicted we will see more of this in 2013.

Howett Thorpe believes that investment in and effective use of technology continues to be critical to our success. However, ultimately we have retained our unrivalled 25 year local reputation as financial recruitment specialists through traditional, personal consultant relationships and good old fashioned conversation. Relationships and conversation will remain the key to our success; many things will undoubtedly evolve and develop in the business and technology in 2013, but this we conclude will not.

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The team at Howett Thorpe wishes you and the business a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2013

* 16th November 2012 Wise Tiger, Web Article