Insightful and results-driven digital marketing strategist with over 9 years of experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and solutions. A deep understanding of digital technologies, best marketing practices, digital content management, and analytic tools to produce highly-effective, targeted marketing and communication campaigns. Experienced in directing digital marketing and brand campaigns within a cross-functional team environment and omni-channel settings. Proactive manager skilled in critical problem-solving, and adept at creating forward-looking solutions to drive business development initiatives.

Exposure includes:

  • Conceptualised, developed, tested, and managed targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Solely planned and executed campaigns, using a combination of email, social media, and a landing page that resulted in a 150% ROI for the client
  • Designed, developed, and managed 25 WordPress websites
  • Improved organic search for local and national websites employing SEO practices
  • Created, tuned, and managed LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram ads for a range of objectives
  • Developed and implemented a full digital transformation plan for a retail clothing supplier
  • Devised a lead funnel campaign for an IT solutions supplier facilitating the acquisition of event attendees and a short-term prospect list
  • Designed marketing and communications materials for all clients
  • Researched, formulated, and executed content strategy and a 3-year marketing plans for several clients


  • CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing
  • Bok 7, APM – Project Fundamentals
  • BSc (Hons) Music & Creative Industries Business


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