In 2022, the world of business is relentless.

Competition continues to heat up every year, and no organisation can afford to fall behind. So, all business operations must run smoothly — from organising admin and managing employees to overseeing office logistics and customer service.

And who makes all of this happen behind the scenes? Your business support staff.

Business support employees are the nuts and bolts of an organisation’s workforce, making essential contributions to company-wide consistency and efficiency. These hard-working and organised individuals offer administrative support at varying levels — sales, HR, marketing and facilities, to name a few.

At Howett Thorpe, we have a proven track record of placing high-calibre business support candidates into vacancies where they can make a difference. We spoke to Kirsten Lynch, a consultant in our business support recruitment division, about the exciting opportunities available in this field of work…

What industries are actively recruiting for business support roles?

Since lockdown restrictions lifted and businesses started looking to expand their teams to support growth, we have received a lot of interest in experienced administration professionals across several industries. I have noticed a volume of requests from education, local authority and distribution — for temporary, permanent and contract employment.

Are there exciting opportunities for business support workers now?

So many! The last few years have proven just how valuable business support specialists are to an organisation. Though there was not as much opportunity for these roles during the pandemic, the possibilities are endless in today’s job market.

Many local businesses have presented exciting prospects across all sectors of operational business support. We are seeing an upturn in digital marketing opportunities, especially.

What are most of your clients looking for in a business support candidate?

Most of our clients are looking for candidates with experience in a similar role. Still, employers consider plenty of core traits — such as reliability, a personality that matches the company’s culture and a motivated attitude — alongside work experience. Due to the administrative obligations of these roles, proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is usually essential.

What skills are important for someone hoping to work in this sector?

Business support jobs require a broad set of skills. The varied nature of this work means having strong business acumen and commercial awareness within the relevant field is crucial.

Soft skills are also essential here: being a good communicator, strong leader and team player will help you meet the requirements of a business support role. Again, computer literacy and relevant work history will always be attractive to hiring managers — as does impeccable timekeeping and the ability to present yourself professionally.

Are business support jobs difficult to fill?

The most challenging roles to fill recently have been multiple temporary bookings for a short notice start, but high demand from employers has kept things moving swiftly. Every candidate placement is a success story at Howett Thorpe!

What is the business support division’s unique approach to recruitment?

Howett Thorpe is an established, local and professional recruiter. Our team knows the market inside and out and values long-term relationships, which help us retain and grow incumbent clients. We are an independent business driven by service levels and not by running our business by aggressive KPI metrics — something valued by our clients and candidates.

Why should people go to Howett Thorpe for business support recruitment advice? 

Howett Thorpe Business Support is managed by an experienced consultant and was conceived having recognised an opportunity in the local market to match talented administrative staff with growing businesses.

We harness the professional relationships our specialists have nurtured in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire since 1988 to attract the highest calibre of companies and candidates and deliver consistent, high-quality results that satisfy all parties.

Are you interested in filling support roles within your organisation — or hoping to secure a business support job for yourself? Message Kirsten on LinkedIn, contact the team at 01252 718777 or email to learn more about our trusted recruitment services.