They are currently studying for a Master’s degree in Accounting, Financial Management and Digital Business, with an expected graduation date in September 2024, they have the option of participating in a placement starting from June 2023. During their degree in Sport Management, they volunteered at a Semi-Professional Football Club, where their passion for accounting was discovered. Over a 5-month period, they shadowed the club’s accountant, assisting with year-end reconciliations, stocktaking, recording match-day income, and contributing to commercial sales. As they became more involved in the financial aspects, they found the work to be increasingly rewarding. Whilst completing their Sport Management degree, they chose to focus their dissertation on enhancing the financial stability of the Semi-Professional Football Club. One of their recommendations, the installation of a new 3G pitch, has now been approved and is actively in progress after securing planning permission. Their dissertation played a crucial role in convincing the club that this investment would be financially beneficial. With a clear passion for accounting, they decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Accounting, thoroughly enjoying this, they are now seeking a 3-month placement opportunity before their expected graduation in September. After completing their Mater’s, they plan to seek full-time employment with study support to become a Chartered Accountant.

Exposure includes:

  • Assisting with year-end reconciliations and stocktakes
  • Revenue reconciliations
  • Contributed to the growth and diversification of a Semi-Professional Football Club’s sponsorship portfolio
  • Identified and implemented cost saving measures
  • Provided suggestions for revenue growth now actively being implemented by the Football Club


Candidate ref: 120205